Extensive Inventory of Discontinued  English Dinnerware Patterns  Western Canada's Largest Registry

Extensive Inventory of Discontinued
English Dinnerware Patterns
Western Canada's Largest Registry


Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795) established his first factory in Burslem around 1759, where the first queensware (earthenware) was perfected in 1761. Around 1766, Wedgwood Works moved to the estate of Etruria, subsequently moving again to the estate of Barlaston around 1940. Josiah Wedgwood (& Sons Ltd.) is not be confused with Wedgwood & Co. (Ltd.), a small Tunstal firm which did not produce wares of the same caliber as the larger, better renowned factory. Wedgwood wares include Jasperware, figurines and dinnerware in bone china, earthenware (queensware) and stoneware. Popular discontinued Wedgwood patterns include Wedgwood Asia, Wedgwood Florentine and Wedgwood Columbia (all of which patterns came in colours and variations), Wedgwood Charisma, Wedgwood Cornpoppy (a Susie Cooper design), Wedgwood Belle Fleur, Wedgwood Mirabel, Wedgwood Westbury, Wedgwood Blue Pacific and Wedgwood Pennine.

Choose one of the following pattern names:

(Blue) Anemone (Wedgwood)(sister of Cornpoppy)
1583 (silver and blue)
Agincourt R4471 (green)
Agincourt R4513 (blue)
Agincourt R4520 (ivory)
Alpine Pink WH2704 (pink lustre)
American Clipper
American Sailing Ships (brown)
Amherst (silver)
Angela 4870 (scalloped edge)
Angela R4648 (smooth edge)
Apollo (shape 225)
Apple Blossom (Wedgwood)
April Flowers
Aquarius U1122 (O/T) (aka Greenwood Aquarius U1122)
Argosy (Wedgwood)
Argyle TL397 (Wedgwood/Patrician body)
Argyll (Wedgwood bone)
Ascot (Wedgwood)
Ashbury Sprays
Ashford R4106
Ashford W4106 (grey)
Asia Black R 4288
Asia Green R 4310 (aka Asia on Highland Green)
Asia Grey R 4308
Asia Turquoise R 4313
Asiatic Pheasant
Aspen R 4542
Astbury Black
Aster TK476 (not Astor)
Astor (not Aster)
Aurora (Wedgwood)
Avocado (Barlaston) Yellow TK586
Avocado (Barlston) Blue P583
Avon Cottage
Avon Cottage - see Enoch Wedgwood
Avon W3983 (mauve)
Balmoral AK9873 (Wellesley body)
Barlaston - body shape, not a pattern
Barlaston Green B2200 (narrow border)(post war)
Barleston Green B2200 (wide border)(pre war)
Belle Fleur R4356 (bone china)
Belmar A6387 (Edme body)
Belmar 20057
Belmar W1080 (floral band)
Belmar W1131 (bright floral band)
Bideford W1081 (multicoloured)
Black Basalt
Blue (pale)
Blue Bird
Blue Dahlia
Blue Dalia
Blue Onion
Blue Pacific
Blue Siam
Bramble (shell edge)(pink)
Bramble O/T (Granada Collection)
Brazil O/T (Granada Collection)
Bullfinch (Wellesley body)
Buxton W4131 (turquoise/grey)(gold trim)
Buxton W4131 (turquoise/grey)(no trim)
Buxton W4135 (gold)
Buxton W4136 (green)
California (Pearl Stone Ware - flow blue)
California A7397 (earthenware)
California Republic A7343
California W 4377 (bone - gold edge/inner line)
California W 4377 (bone - gold edge/no inner line)
Cambrian U1116
Candlelight White
Capricorn U1121 (O/T)(aka Sterling Capricorn U1121)
Carlyn W4302
Caroline (Wedgwood)
Cascade R4708 (Wedgwood)
Caspian O/T (Granada Collection)
Cavendish B33036 (hotelware)
Cavendish R4680 (bone)
Celadon Green on Cream (plain edge)
Celadon Green on Cream Q3200 (shell edge/wide)
Charisma C2184 (Susie Cooper Design)
Charnwood (earthenware)
Charnwood WD 3984 (gold edge)
Chatham (Wedgwood)
Chester R4446
Chiltern W4284
Chinese Flowers
Chinese Green W4246
Chinese Legend
Chinese Tiger
Clementine R4444
Clivedon Ivory
Cobalt Blue
Colonnade (gold)
Colonnade R4340 (black)
Colosseum (Susie Cooper Design)
Columbia (cobalt blue and gold)
Columbia 4408 (gold on white)
Columbia R 4418 (black and gold)
Columbia W4170 (arras green)
Columbia W4409 (gold on sage green)
Columbia W595 (white/medallion centre)(floral)
Columbia W726 (cream/medallion centre)(floral)
Conway AK8384 (Edme body)
Cornflower (blue/white)
Cornflower (newer pattern - smooth edge)
Cornflower AK8023 (multicoloured)(sister to Blue Anemone)
Cornpoppy C2167 (Susie Cooper Design)
Cottage Rose
Countryside (blue/white)
Countryside (blue/white) - see Wedgwood
Countryside (brown/multicoloured)
Countryside (brown/multicoloured) - see Wedgwood
Countryware (Wedgwood)
Covent Garden TK605 (Barlaston)
Covent Garden O/T (Granada Collection)
Cream on Celadon Green (plain edge)
Cream on Celadon Green (shell edge)
Cream on Cream (shell edge)
Cream on Cream Q1100 (plain edge)
Cream on Grey (plain edge)
Cream on Grey (shell edge)
Cream on Lavender Blue Q5100 (plain edge)
Cream on Lavender Blue Q5200 (shell edge)
Cream on Pink (plain edge)
Cream on Pink (shell edge)
Crocus (Wedgwood bone)
Crown (ebony)
Crown (emerald)
Crown (gold)
Crown (sapphire)
Cuckoo (Wedgwood)
Damask (red)
Damask Gold
Devon Sprays R 4076
Doric W 4212 (plain white/platinum edge)
Doric (plain white/gold edge)
Douglas - see Enoch Wedgwood
Eastern FlowersTKD 431 (no trim)
Edme - a body shape, not a pattern
Edme Plain U1101 (Edme body)
Empire W3758
Empress (Wedgwood)
Empress Ruby
Etruria (The)
Fairmont (30T)
Fallow Deer
Floral Festival
Florence (Wedgwood)
Florentine Arras Green and Gold W 4170
Florentine Ivory with centre
Florentine W 4312 (black & gold/plain centre)
Florentine W1079 (cobalt/floral centre)
Florentine W1956 (cobalt/plain centre)
Florentine W2614 (turquoise/plain centre)
Florentine W2714 (turquoise/floral centre)
Florentine W4219 (gold/plain centre)
Formal White - see Inspiration
Formal White (Leigh shape)
Fruit Sprays NM 876 (O/T)
Garden Maze
Gardena R 4628
Gardenia R 4628
Georgetown -a body, not a pattern
Gloucester W 3988
Gold Chelsea
Gold Columbia - see Columbia
Gold Grecian
Gold Medallion
Gold Medallion - see Enoch Wedgwood
Golden Fleece R 4293
Greenwood U1117 (O/T)
Greenwood Aquarius U1122 (O/T) - see Aquarius U1122
Greenwood R 4223 (bone china)
Grey Friars W3958
Grey on Cream (plain edge)
Grey on Cream (shell edge)
Halford R 4267
Hampshire (Wedgwood)
Harlequin Set
Harvard University 1927 (blue)
Harvard University 1927 (pink)
Harvest Moon (Barlaston - yellow)
Hathaway Rose R 4317
Havana B 4200 (Barlaston - brown)
Hedgerow TL403 (Edme body)
Humming Birds
Hummingbird (A6126)
Ice Rose R 4306
Inspiration/Formal White
Iris (dark grey and burgundy with gold trim)
Isis (grey and blue with floral centre)
Isis (grey, burgundy & pink)
Jacqueline - see Enoch Wedgwood
Josephine (blue)
Josephine W3927 (yellow)
Kimono (Georgetown Collection)
Kingcup W 4050
Kutani Crane (dark blue)
Kutani Crane (light blue)
Kutani Crane R4464
Kynance W 1945
Lavender on Cream Q2100 (plain edge)
Lavender on Cream Q2200 (shell edge)
Lichfield W4156/R4156
Louisiana R 4383
Lugano (Wedgwood)
Lunar (Shape 225)
Mayfair C1542 (yellow)
Mayfair R4535 (Wedgwood bone/Leigh shape)
Mayfair TK53 (Wedgwood/Wellesley shape)
Mayfair W3343 (pink)
Meadow (edme body)
Medici Dark Blue
Midwinter - a factory not a pattern
Mikado (Wedgwood)
Mimosa R 4420
Mirabelle R 4537
Monterey O/T
Morning Glory CK6220
Moselle Green
Moselle Grey R 4283
Moss Rose T432 (Edme body)
Nanette - see Enoch Wedgwood
Napoleon Ivy AL 4751 (earthenware)
Oberon (Wedgwood)
Oceanside (Wedgwood)
Oriental Pheasants
Oriental Pheasants - see Enoch Wedgwood
Palatia R 4700
Pale Yellow
Pansies CK6219
Parallels R 4531 (Susie Cooper Design)
Patrician - a body shape, not a pattern
Patrician Plain U 1002 (Patrician body)
Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter)
Petersham R 4536
Pimpernel W3653 (yellow)
Pink Garland
Pink on Cream (plain edge/narrow edge)
Pink on Cream (shell edge)
Potpourri NK510 (Williamsburg commem.ware)
Prelude C 2193 (Susie Cooper Design)
Primose TK878 (O/T)
Provence (Wedgwood)
Queen's (a body, not a pattern)
Queen's Ware (Wedgwood term for their earthenware)
Reflections C 2164 (Susie Cooper Design)
Regal Gold (Wedgwood)
Regent (Wedgwood)
Rosedale R4665
Rosemary (Imperial Ivory)
Rosemary (Imperial Ivory) - see Enoch Wedgwood
Rosemary (white with floral sprays)
Rosemary W3825 (aqua shoulder, floral centre)
Rouen (older - silver edge)
Rouen R 4361 (newer pattern)
Royal Homes of Britain (blue)
Royal Homes of Britain (blue) - see Enoch Wedgwood
Runnymede W3808 (turquoise/gold trim)
Runnymede W3880 (turquoise/white centre)
Runnymede W3882 (pink/plain centre)
Runnymede W4465 (turquoise/floral centre)
Runnymede W4472 (cobalt blue/floral centre)
Runnymede W4577 (brown)
Runnymede W4624 (green/floral centre)
Sage Green
Sahara (Wedgwood)
Sandon WD 4010
Santa Clara W 4114
Saturn C 2107 (Susie Cooper Design)
Shakespeare Characters
Sierra U1123
Silver Ermine
Silver Morning R 4302
Spring Morning R 4302
St. James S368
Stardust R 4292
Sterling 501717 (bone - silver edge/inner line)
Sterling Capricorn U1121 (O/T) - see Capricorn U1121
Sterling U1114 (O/T)
Stocks CK6080
Stratford T427 (Edme body)
Strawberry Hill R 4269
Sugar Bag Blue
Summer Sky (Barlaston - blue)
Sunflower C 2002 (Susie Cooper Design)
Sunflower TK 565 (Barlaston)
Swallow R4667
Swansea (on Patrician body)
Swinburne X9339 (mottled/powder blue)
Tapestry (Patrician body)
Tapestry (Wedgwood bone)
Terra Cotta
The Legend of King Arthur (Arthur Draws The Sword)
Tiger Lily (Barlaston)
Tintern AL 9460 (Wellesley Body)
Tonquin (Black)
Tonquin (Gold)
Tonquin AM7787( Silver Lustre)
Tonquin W24025 (Ivory with Multicolours)
Tonquin W2488 (Ruby)
Traditional (a body, not a pattern)
Tranquility R 4741 (Shape 225)
Trentham AK6770
Venus (bone, aqua rim, gold scroll on shoulder)
Venus (earthenware, blue, pattern all over)
Venus (earthenware, embossed, red pattern)
Wakefield W 4221
Wedgwood White
Weekday Weekend
Wellesley a body shape, not a pattern
Wellesley Plain U1105 (Wellesley Body)
Westbury (Wedgwood)
Westland W3939
Wild Oats (bone china)
Wild Strawberry (bone)
Wild Strawberry (ironstone)
Wildbriar TK 423
Willow (blue -newer)
Willow Weave U1109
Windermere AK 7868 (Patrician body)
Winter Green (wide border) - see Barleston Green
Woodbury (Barlston)
Woodstock W 3686
Wyndham 4630

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