Extensive Inventory of Discontinued  English Dinnerware Patterns  Western Canada's Largest Registry

Extensive Inventory of Discontinued
English Dinnerware Patterns
Western Canada's Largest Registry


Josiah Spode Ė Stoke on Trent 1779 (taking over from Turner and Banks), passing it along to his son and grandson of the same name. A partner of the firm in 1933 purchased the factory, and from 1833 to 1847 the firm was known as Copeland & Garrett, only reacquiring its original name in 1966 in honour of the firmís 200th anniversary. Some of the most popular current and discontinued Spode patterns are Spode Billingsley Rose, Spode Buttercup, Spode Bridal Rose, Spode Camilla, Spode Chelsea Gardens, Spode Chelsea Wicker, Spode Cowslip, Spode Rosebud Chintz, Spode Rose Briar, Spode Rosalie, Spode Fleur de Lis, Spode Maritime Rose and Spode Trade Winds (all of which came in colours), Spode Indian Tree (different patterns in both bone and earthenware).

Choose one of the following pattern names:

Albany (Spode)
Avondale 1914 (blue/red flowers, yellow border)
Avondale 6640 (blue)
Avondale 7412 (yellow flowers, lavender border)
Avondale S3401 (pink/mauve flowers, green border)
Avondale S3401 S (newer version - green))
Bang Up 2/4074
Billingsley Rose 2/8867 (earthenware)
Billingsley Rose S1058 (yellow rose/burg leaves)
Billingsley Rose Y2788 (bone) - see Savoy Rose
Billingsley Rose Y2862 (bone) - see Savoy Rose
Billingsley Rose Z9673 (yellow rose/green leaves)
Blue Bird
Blue Camilla - see Camilla Blue
Blue Clipper
Blue Colonel - see Colonel
Blue Colonel (platinum) - see Colonel
Blue Ermine - see Ermine (blue, black, red)
Blue Italian
Blue Italian
Blue Room Collection
Blue Tower
Blue Tradewinds - see Tradewinds W246
Bowpot W49 (multicoloured)
Bramble S727 (Spode)
Bridal Rose (Spode) - see Savoy Rose
Brompton (Spode)
Broom S 2389
Buckingham R 8479
Buttercup (earthenware)
Buttercup Y4911 (gold edge)
Buttercup Y8247A (bone, Wildflower Series)
Byron (claret)
Byron S 518 (E)(green)
Byron S 866 (blue)
Byron Series No. 1 (no green trim)
Camilla Blue (earthenware - scalloped edge)
Camilla Blue (earthenware - smooth edge)
Camilla Blue Y1464 (bone - smooth edge)
Camilla Blue Y7823 (bone - scalloped edge)
Camilla Brown (earthenware - smooth edge)
Camilla Pink
Camilla Pink (bone - smooth edge)
Camilla Pink (earthenware - scalloped edge)
Chancellor Cobalt
Chelsea Garden R9781
Chelsea Gold
Chelsea Platinum
Chelsea White
Chelsea Wicker
Chinese Rose
Chinese Rose
Christmas Tree S3324 (green trim)
Claudia 2/8949
Colonel Y6235 (blue - gold)
Colonel Y7131 (light green)
Colonel Y7144 (grey)
Colonel Y7359 (red)
Colonel Y8618 (blue - platinum)
Cowslip S713
Dauphin Platinum
Dimity Y5764
Dresden Rose
Elaine 01290 (Blue Empire)
Embassy Y6956 (green)
Embassy Y6957 (cream)
Ermine (blue)
Ermine 2/9624
Ermine S2832 (black)
Eternity Platinum
Fairy Dell 2/8093
Fairy Dell 2/9548 (yellow band)
Fairy Dell 2/9549 (purple band)
Felicity S2631
Flemish Green
Fleur de Lis Y7515 (bone - grey)
Fleur de Lis (bone - blue/platinum trim)
Fleur de Lis (earthenware - red)
Fleur de Lis (earthenware -blue)
Fleur de Lis (pink and blue)
Fleur de Lis S2833 (earthenware - brown)
Fleur de Lis S688 (brown)
Fleur de Lis Y7481 (bone - red)
Fleur de Lis Y8008 (bone - blue/gold trim )
Fleur de Lis Y8063 (bone - gold)
Fleur De Lys Blue - see Fleur de Lys Y8008
Fleur De Lys Gold - see Fleur de Lys Y8063
Florence (Spode)
Forget Me Not (earthenware)
Forget Me Not Y2999 (bone)
Gainsborough S1945 (Mulberry)
Gainsborough S245
Geranium Blue
Geranium Green
Gloucester W89 (red)
Gloucester Y2989 (blue)
Gloucester Y2990 (green)
Gloucester Y7510 (pink)
Golden Valley
Golden Valley Y7840
Green Basket 1/8135
Green Basket S2675
Green Garland
Green Moss Rose R6854 (bone)
Gresham A446
Harrowgate (green)
Hazel Dell S930
Heath & Rose
Hollyhock 2/9165
Imperial ware (earthenware, not a pattern)
Imperialware - Spode term for their earthenware
Indian Tree 2/959 (Sp)(red and green earthenware)
Indian Tree 2/959 (Sp)(rust earthenware)
Indian Tree R2772 (Sp)(multicoloured bone)
Jewel (no pattern on Spode jewel body)
Jewel -a Spode body shape
Knightsbridge Cobalt
Lady Anne S2618
Lancaster Cobalt
Lausanne Platinum
Lord Calvert
Luneville - see also Marlborough
Madeira S3187 (brown)
Madeira S730 (yellow, blue and red)
Mansard Gold
Mansard Platinum
Maritime Rose 2/6526 (earthenware)
Maritime Rose R4118 (lilac blue)(bone china)
Maritime Rose R7062 (green)(bone china)
Maritime Rose R7381 (pink)(bone china)
Maritime Rose R9213 (ivory)
Maritime Rose Y7441 (yellow)
Marlborough - see also Luneville
Marlborough Sprays
Maureen (Sp)
Mayflower (Spode)
Moss Rose (Spode bone) - see Green Moss Rose R6854
Moss Rose (Spode earthenware)
Opera Platinum
Park Lane Y7487
Peplow K8542 (luster yellow edge)(bone china)
Peplow R4075
Pink Camilla - see Camilla Pink
Pink Tower
Provincial Flowers (AB - Wild Rose)
Provincial Flowers (BC - Dogwood)
Provincial Flowers (MB - Prairie Crocus)
Provincial Flowers (NB - Purple Violet)
Provincial Flowers (NF - Pitcher Plant)
Provincial Flowers (NS - Mayflower)
Provincial Flowers (NT - Mountain Avens)
Provincial Flowers (ON - Trillium)
Provincial Flowers (PE - Lady's Slipper)
Provincial Flowers (QC - White Garden Lily)
Provincial Flowers (SK - Prairie Lily)
Provincial Flowers (YT - Purple Fireweed)
Provincial Garden Blue
Provincial Garden Green
Queen's Bird Y4973 (fine stone, OTT, older)
Queen's Bird Y4973 (newer)
Red Tradewinds - see Tradewinds W128
Rockingham R6434
Rockingham R6676 (cream)
Rockingham Y5194 (white with lustre edge)
Romney S228
Romney S777 (Centurian)
Rosalie (bone)
Rosalie S/1878 (earthenware)
Rose and Bow Y5775
Rose Briar 2/7457 (green border)
Rose Briar 2/7896
Rosebud Chintz 2/4188 (dark colours)
Rosebud Chintz 2/8401
Royal Windsor Y8078 (green)
Savoy Rose Y2788 (aka Bridal Rose)(gold edge)
Savoy Rose Y2862 (aka Bridal Rose)(plain edge)
Shanghai R5273
Shanghai R5321
Shanghai Y107
Sheffield R568
Singing Grass S/3042
Sonata (S)
Stafford Flowers
Stafford White
Summer Palace
Sydney 2/9100 (blue, brown/chelsea wicker body)
Sydney 2/2394 (yellow, brown)
Sydney 2/2435 (blue/chelsea wicker body)
Sydney 2/4264 (pink)
Sydney 2/8370 (brown, red, lav blue/charlotte body
Sydney S745 (yellow)
Sydney S747 (brown, red, blue/chelsea wicker body)
Tower - see Pink, Blue
Tradewinds W128 (red)
Tradewinds W246 (blue)
Trapnell Sprays
Valencia 2/7983 (orange)
Valencia S1248 (blue/green)
Victoria (newer)
Viscount Crimson Y8383-G
Wicker Lane 2/7519 (basket weave)
Wicker Lane 2/9872 (gadroon)
Wicker Rose S721
Wickerdale 2/4088
Wild Strawberry Y7172
York (cobalt)
York (Y8323)(crested cobalt)
York W126

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