Extensive Inventory of Discontinued  English Dinnerware Patterns  Western Canada's Largest Registry

Extensive Inventory of Discontinued
English Dinnerware Patterns
Western Canada's Largest Registry


Doulton Potteries was established in Lambeth, England around 1818 and made primarily earthenware. A partnership with Pinder Bourne & Co., 1882, a firm which made both earthenware and fine china resulted in the establishment of Doulton & Co. (Ltd.), subsequently renamed Doulton Fine China in October 1955. “England” was added to the Doulton marks in 1892, and “Made in England” around 1930. Popular Royal Doulton discontinued patterns include Royal Doulton Canton, Royal Doulton English Renaissance, Royal Doulton Fontainebleu, Royal Doulton Carlyle, Royal Doulton Adrian, Royal Doulton Rondelay, Royal Doulton Sarabande, Royal Doulton Sonnet and Royal Doulton Tapestry. Royal Doulton also continued under its own mark a popular pattern designed by Booths, “Booths Real Old Willow.” Also popular are the Royal Doulton Bunnykins tableware (nurseryware) and figures (Family Photograph, Helping Mother, Cooling Off, Sleigh Ride, Autumn Days, Clean Sweep, Springtime, Playtime, Storytime, Busy Needles, Rise and Shine, Tallyho, The Artist, Grandpa’s Story and Sleepytime.

Choose one of the following pattern names:

Adrian (older pattern - black/scalloped)
Adrian (plain edge)
Adrian H4816 (fluted edge - gold backstamp)
Adrian H4816 (fluted edge - green backstamp)
Albany H5041 (black rim)
Albany H5121
Almond Willow D6373
Amadeus (Expressions)
Amersham H.5037
Amulet H 4998
Andante H 5083
Angela H 5102 (RD)
Angelique H 4997
April Showers
Arabesque D6465
Arcadia H 4802 (brown backstamp)
Arcadia H 4802 (green backstamp)
Arcadia H 4803 (lustre edge)(green backstamp)
Ascot (Royal Doulton)
Ashbourne TC 1147 (Majestic Collection)
Athens H 4987
Augustine TC1196 (Everyday)
Auld Mac
Autumn Breezes HN1934
Autumn Fruits TC1177
Autumn's Glory (everyday)
Autumn's Glory LS1086 (lambethware)
Avignon TC 1145 (Moselle Collection)
Babie (Green) HN 1679
Bamboo D6446
Basque LS1008
Bell Heather (fluted/green band/gold trim)
Bell Heather (smooth/green band/gold trim)
Bell Heather H 4788
Bell Heather H 4827 (fluted/gold trim)
Bell Heather H 4828 (fluted/no trim)
Bell Heather H 4840 (smooth/gold trim)
Belmont H 4991(cobalt/white/gold)
Belmont H 4991(white and gold)
Belvedere H 4816
Belvedere H 5001 (green trim, smooth edge)
Belvedere V1877 ( gold trim, gadroon edge)
Berkshire TC 1021
Biarritz TC 1143 (Moselle Collection)
Biltmore H5189
Biscay LS 1007 (lambethware)
Blue Beard HN2105
Blue Botanic (everyday)
Blue Iris LS 1046
Blueberry (everyday)
Blueberry TC1204 (Everyday)
Bo Peep HN1811
Booths Real Old Willow TC 1126 (Majestic Collection)
Bouquet Iris (Expressions)
Braemar H5035
Braemar TC1209
Brambly Hedge Gift Collection
Bredon Hill LS 1045 (lambethware)
Bridesmaid HN2196
Brienne TC 1150 (Moselle Collection)
Brompton LS 1066 (Fresh Flowers lambethware)
Buckingham (Royal Doulton - blue)
Buckingham (Royal Doulton - green)
Buckingham H 4971 (Royal Doulton - maroon)
Bunnykins Figure - Autumn Days DB.5 (Mr. Bunnykins)(4-1/8 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Busy Needles DB.10 (Bunnykins)(3-1/4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Clean Sweep DB.6 (Mrs. Bunnykins)(4-1/8 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Cooling Off DB.3 (Billie Bunnykins)(4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Family Photograph DB.1 (Bunnykins)(4-1/8 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Grandpa's Story DB.14 (Bunnykins)(4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Helping Mother DB.2 (Buntie Bunnykins)(3-1/4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Playtime DB.8 (Dollie Bunnykins)(4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Rise and Shine DB.11 (Bunnykins)(3-3/4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Sleepytime DB.15 (Bunnykins)(1-3/4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Sleigh Ride DB.4 (Billie and Bunty Bunnykins)(3-1/4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Spring Time DB.7 (Daisie Bunnykins)(3-1/8 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - Tally Ho DB.12 (Bunnykins)(4 inch)
Bunnykins Figure - The Artist DB.13 (3-3/4 inch)
Bunnykins Nurseryware
Burgundy H5026
Burgundy TC1001 (burgundy/grey leaves)
Burlington H 5118
Cadenza H 5046
Calais TC 1149 (Moselle Collection)
Cambridge TC1017
Candice H 5142
Canterbury H 4965 (multicoloured)(Royal Doulton)
Canterbury H 5097 (green)(Royal Doulton)
Canton H5052
Caprice (no number)
Caprice D 5358
Caprice H 4950
Carlyle (Royal Doulton)
Carmel (everyday)
Carnation H 5084
Cascade D 6457 (earthenware)(Royal Doulton)
Cascade H 5073 (Royal Doulton)
Cassandra H 5117
Catherine of Aragon
Cavendish (The) D 5009
Centennial Rose (RD)
Chelsea LS1055 (Fresh Flowers)
Chelsea Rose H 4801
Chiltern D6095
Christmas Day HN 3488
Cinnabar TC1217 (everyday)
Cinnamon LS 1003 (lambethware)
Cissie HN 1809
Citrus Grove (everyday)
Clarendon (see Royal Doulton Crystal)
Clarendon H4993
Clarissa HN2345
Clovelly (older, fluted)
Concord Gold H 5049 (Royal Doulton)
Concord Platinum H5048 (Royal Doulton)
Coniston H5030
Coppice (The)
Coralie HN2307
Cornwall LS 1015 (lambethware)
Coronet H 4947 (white only)
Coronet H 4947 (white/grey)
Cottage Lane (everyday)
Counterpoint H 5025
Countess D 2802
Country Walk (everyday)
Coventry (cobalt blue)
Coventry (crimson)
Coventry (green)
Daisyfield LS1040
Darjeeling H 5247
Darling HN1978
Delacourt H 5006
Diana H 5079 (Romance Collection)
Diana Micro H 5079 (Romance Collection)
Dinky Do HN 1678
Dubarry LS1011
Earthflower LS 1034 (lambethware)
Eastbrook H 5045
Easter Morn H 4806
Elegance TC1158
Elegy H 5044
Elyse HN 2429
English Renaissance H4972
Eternity H 5072
Etude H5003
Evesham H4821
Fairfax TC1006
Fairford LS 1056 (lambethware)
Fascination TC 1155 (Vogue Collection)
Fieldflower LS 1019 (lambethware)
Fireglow TC 1080
Flirtation (Fusion)
Flirtation H 5043
Floradora (everyday)
Floradora Green TC 1127
Florentina (everyday)
Florinda LS 1042 (lambethware)
Fontainebleau H 4978
Forest Flower TC 1086
Forest Glade TC 1014
Forest Glen LS 1001 (lambethware)
French Provincial H 4945
Fresh Flowers - a series, not a pattern name
Frost Pine
Gaiety LS 1014 (lambethware)
Galaxy TC 1014
Genevieve HN 1962
Georgia (everyday)
Georgian (RD)
Glamis Thistle H 4601
Glen Auldyn H 4959
Glen Ora (everyday)
Gold Concord - see Concord Gold H5049
Gold Lace
Grantham (bone - fluted, lustre edge)
Grantham (bone - smooth, lustre edge)
Grantham D 5477
Greyfriars H 5068
Hallmark (everyday)
Hampshire D 6141
Hampton Court TC1020
Harlow 5034
Harrow H 5054
Harrow H 5058
Hazel HN3167
Hereford D 6165
Highland Valley H 5144 (same as Minton Avonlea)
Hill Top LS1025 (lambethware)
Holyrood H2901 (RD)
Indian Tree E 3750 (RD)
Isabella H5248
Jacobean (everyday)
Jennifer H 5085 (Romance Collection)
Jessica H 5101 (Romance Collection)
Jillian H 5193
John Barleycorn
Jubilee (1932-1982)
Juliet H 5077 (Romance Collection) - gold edge
Juliet H 5162 (Romance Collection) - platinum edge
Juliet Micro H 5162 (Romance Collection)
June HN2991
Juno (everyday)
Kathleen H 5091 (Romance Collection)
Kingswood D6301
Kingswood TC 1115
Kirkwood (blue/white)
Kirkwood D 5130 (multicoloured)
Lace Point H 5000
Langdale TC 1136 (Majestic Collection)
Larchmont TC 1019
Lausanne TC 1142 (Moselle Collection)
Leighton D 6164
Lichfield (WW)
Lincoln TC 1146 (Majestic Collection)
Lisa H 5154
Lisette H 5082 (Romance Collection)
Little Moreton Hall Cheshire - see Tudon Mansion
Lorraine H 5033 (Royal Doulton)
Lowestoft Bouquet D 6023
Lynn D 5204
Madeira TC 1148 (Moselle Collection)
Majestic Collection (see Ashbourne, Langdale, Lincoln, Booth's Real Old Willow)
Malvern D 6197
Mandalay TC 1079
Marbella LS1004
Marisol (everyday)
Martinique H 5188
Matinee H 5135
Mayfair H 4897 (multicoloured)(RD)
Mayfair H 4900 (RD)
Mayfair H 4905 (brown)(RD)
Mayfair LS 1052 (Fresh Flowers lambethware)
Meadow Mist H 5007
Melissa H 5087
Melrose H 4955
Michelle H 5078 (Romance Collection)
Millefleur H 4953
Miramont TC 1022
Monteigne H 4954
Moonstone TC 1023
Morning Dew (Royal Doulton)
Morning Star TC1026
Moselle Collection (see Avignon, Biarritz, Brienne, Calais, Lausanne, Madeira, Valencia)
Mr. Micawber
My Love HN 2339
Mystique H 5093
New Arrival HN3551 (Images of Nature)
Nicole H 5080 (Romance Collection)
Norfolk (D4209)(newer)
Norfolk (D6294)(older)
Norfolk LS1050
Norfolk TC1141
Old Colony TC1005
Old English Inns D 6072
Old Leeds Spray 97783 (green edge)(older)
Old Leeds Spray D 3548 (green edge/octagonal)
Old Leeds Spray D 6203 (no colour edge/fluted)
Old Leeds Sprays D 4051 (brown faceted edge/octagonal)
Orchard Hill H5233
Orchid D5215 (cream)
Orchid D5400 (white)
Oxford (Burslem)
Oxford Blue TC1210
Oxford Green TC1191
Oxford Midnight Black TC1264
Oxford TC 1189 (black)
Oxford TC 1190 (grey)
Paisley H 5039
Palladio/Wistful H5128
Park Lane LS 1074 (Fresh Flowers lambethware)
Passion Flower H 4833 (sister of Glamis Thistle)
Pastoral H 4810 (older)
Pastorale H 5002
Pembroke (The) V1672
Piedmont H 4967
Pink Radiance H 4939
Platinum Concord - see Concord Platinum H5048
Poetic Rose (everyday)
Polonaise H5017
Pomeroy (all over red)
Pomeroy D5269 (blue)
Pomeroy D5472 (blue/multi - shoulder only)
Pomeroy D5991 (all over blue/multi)
Pomeroy D6323 (all over blue)
Prelude V 2222
Princeton H 5098
Provencal TC 1034
Ravel LS 1037 (lambethware)
Ravenswood H 5008
Real Old Willow - see Booth's Real Old Willow
Reflection TC1008
Regent H 4986
Richelieu H 4957
Robinson Crusoe D6539
Rondelay H 5004
Rondo H 4935 (gold backstamp)
Rondo H 4935 (green backstamp)
Rose Elegans TC1010
Rose HN 1368
Royal Gold H 4980
Sam Weller
Sam Weller
Sandsprite LS1013 (lambethware)
Sapphire Blossom
Sarabande H 5023
Serenade HN2753 (The Enchantment Collection)
Seville TC 1085
Sherborne D 5915
Sherbrooke H5009
Sienna LS1022
Silhouette (everyday)
Simplicity H 5112
Skater, The HN 2117
Somerset D5315 (earthenware)
Somerset LS 1048 (lambethware)
Somerset V1897 (bone china)
Sonnet H5012 (Concord shape)
Sonnet H5012 (Paladio shape)
Sophistication TC 1157
Southern Belle HN2229
Sovereign H 4973
Spindrift D 6466
Spring Glory
Spring Morning HN1922
St. Paul's
Stanwyck H 5212
Stephanie H 5092 (Romance Collection)
Strasbourg H 4958
Stratford D6196
Strawberry Fayre (RD)
Summer Days LS 1002
Summer Song H 4949
Sunburst (everyday)
Sweetheart Rose H 4936
Sweeting HN1935
Symphony H 5047
Tam O'Shanter D6636
Tamara H5088
Tangent (everyday)
Tapestry TC 1024
The Berkshire V2020 (imari colours)
The Glendale D5558
The Love Letter HN2149
The Orange Lady HN1953
This Little Pig HN1793
Thistledown H 4943
Tiara H 4915 (silver trim)(older pattern)
Tiara H 5174 (gold trim)(newer pattern)
Ting LS 1012 (lambethware)
Tinkle Bell HN 1677
Tiverton (everyday)
Tonkin TC1107
Top o' the Hill HN1849
Tracery D6442 (teal green)
Tracery Mist
Tudor Mansion TC 1031 (Historical Britain) - Little Moreton Hall Cheshire
Tumbling Leaves TC1004
V1920 (cobalt blue)
Valencia TC TC 1144 (Moselle Collection)
Valerie HN 2107
Valleyfield H 4911
Vernon (The)
Verona H 5064
Victoria HN2471
Victorian Garden (everyday)
Vintage Grape (everyday)
Vivienne HN2073
Warwick D 5916
Wendy HN2109
Westwood TC 1025
Whisper LS 1047
White Nile TC1122
Wild Cherry LS1038 (lambethware)
Wildflowers (everyday)
Will-o-the-Wisp LS 1023 (lambethware)
Windermere (Expressions)
Windermere H 4856 (older version)
York H 5100
Yorkshire Rose H 5050
Yorktown TC1013 (plain shoulder)
Yorktown TC1013 (ribbed shoulder)

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