Extensive Inventory of Discontinued  English Dinnerware Patterns  Western Canada's Largest Registry

Extensive Inventory of Discontinued
English Dinnerware Patterns
Western Canada's Largest Registry


Originally established in 1750 as Derby Porcelain Works in Derby, England, Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Co. Ltd. produced china from 1890. “Made in England” appears in the mark from 1921 onward, with year cyphers appearing on the back from 1882. One of the most popular discontinued Royal Crown Derby patterns of all time, Royal Crown Derby Mikado (primarily blue, but manufactured also in red and green), was only discontinued in the late 1990’s after a century in production. Also highly sought after Royal Crown Derby patterns were various Imari patterns (Royal Crown Derby Old Imari, Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari, etc.).

Choose one of the following pattern names:

(Asian Rose) A.8687 (Plain shape) - older version
3145 (blue)
3615 (same as 383, but plain centre)
383 (Old Japan)(Plain shape) - also see 3615
3973 (Imari Type)
9684 - see Dragon & Phoenix
9875 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
A.277 (Silver shape)
A.8687 (Asian Rose - Plain shape)
A383 - see Kings
Alpine (RCD)
Ambassador (Duesbury shape)
Antigua A.1279
Antoinette - see also Royal Antoinette
Ashby A.945 (Burford shape)
Ashley (RCD)
Asian Rose A.8687 (Duesbury shape - newer version)
Autumn Rose A.1232 (Beaufort shape)
Aves- See Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Red Aves
Avesbury - see Olde Avesbury
Bali A.1100 (Boston Flute shape)
Balmoral (RCD)
Beaumont A.569 (Ely/Beaufort shape)
Beaumont A.569 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Black Aves A.1310 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Blue Aves A.1309
Blue Mikado
Bourbonnais Red A.1238 (Burford shape)
Brittany A.1229 (Duesbury shape)
Brittany A.1229 (Plain shape)
Burbonnais Red A.1238 (Burford shape)
Caliphe A.1287 (Queen's Gadroon shape)
Carlton Blue A.1300 (Surrey shape)
Carlton Gold A.1320 (Surrey shape)
Carlton Green A.1302 (Surrey shape)
Carlton Red A.1301
Charm (RCD)
Chatsworth 2826
Chatsworth A.1329 (newer)
Chatsworth A.798 (Burford shape)
Cherbourg Scarlet A.1230 (Plain shape)
Claremont A.1082
Clarendon A.1227 (Beaufort shape)
Claridge A.1181 (Plain Gray shape)
Cloisonne (Duesbury shape)
Cornflower (RCD)
Cotswold A.611 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Cotswold A611
Dauphin (Duesbury shape)
Delphine (RCD)
Derby Border A.1253 (Duesbury shape)
Derby Dale A.610
Derby Days
Derby Lily
Derby Panel Green A.1237 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Derby Posies
Derby Star A.1101 (Plain shape)
Devonshire A.1109 (Silver shape)
Diane A.1160
Dragon & Phoenix 9684
Drury Lane
Exeter A.1169 (Plain shape)
Fifth Avenue A.1265 (Ely/Beaufort shape)
Gadroon Rose A.962
Gadroon Rose A962
Glendale (RCD)
Gold Aves A.1235
Golden Pheasants
Green Aves (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Green Derby Panel A.1237 (Ely shape)
Green Mikado (Ely/Dover shape)
Green Scroll A.496 (plain centre)
Green Scroll A.520 (floral centre)
Grenville (Surrey shape)
Harebell 4685 (blue)
Harebell 4685 (green)
Heraldic Cobalt A.1067 (Heraldic shape)
Heraldic Green A.1069 (Heraldic shape)
Heraldic Green A.1070 (Heraldic shape)
Heraldic Marone A.1068 (Heraldic shape)
Heraldic Posie A.1070 (Heraldic shape)
Heraldic, White & Gold A.1066 (Heraldic shape)
Honeysuckle (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Honiton Cobalt A.1231 (Plain shape)
Imari Type - see 3973
Imperial Palace (Duesbury shape)
Indiana A.610 (Indian Tree Type pattern)
Kedleston (Duesbury shape)
Kensington A.1216 (Beaufort shape)
Kings A383
Lombardy A.1127(Royal shape)
Lucienne A.1278
Majesty (RCD)
Mandarin (RCD)
Marquis A.1222 (Beaufort shape)
Matlock A.616
Medway A.814
Melody A.1001
Melody A.999 (Surrey shape)
Melrose (RCD)
Mikado - see Blue, Green, Vermillion Mikado
Newark A.1224 (Beaufort shape)
Norfolk A.1217 (Beaufort shape)
Normandie A.1144 (Royal shape)
Old Imari 1128
Old Imari Border A1314 (Duesbury shape)
Old Japan - see 383
Olde Avesbury A.73 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Olde Avesbury A.73 (Surrey shape)
Olde Derby A.962 (Gadroon shape)
Orient A.643 (coloured Mikado)
Paradise Marone A.1090 (Heraldic shape)
Park Lane (RCD)
Pembroke (RCD circa 1880)
Pheasant (blue)
Pheasant (pink)
Pink Aves
Pinxton Roses A.1120 (Silver shape)
Plain Vine A.775 (Vine shape)
Portman Oak A.1174 (Plain shape)
Posie & Vine - see Vine & Posie
Posie A.1070
Posie A.1070 (Heraldic shape)
Posie A.1070 (Surrey shape)
Posie Scroll A.496 (Surrey shape)
Posie Sprays A.1017 (Vine shape)
Posies - see Derby Posies
Princess A.1281(Ely'Chelsea shape)
Princess A.946 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Red Aves A.74 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Red Derby Panel A.1236 (Ely shape)
Regency A.1075 (Silver shape)
Rose Sprays A.228 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
Rougemont (Duesbury shape)
Rougemont (Ely shape)
Rougemont 766
Rougemont A.1107 (Boston Flute shape)
Royal Antoinette A.1225 (Royal shape)
Royal Pinxton Roses A.1155 (Royal shape)
Royal St. James A.1145 (Royal shape)
Rutland (Duesbury shape)
Sherringham A.1223 (Beaufort shape)
Spring A.736 (Ely/Chelsea shape)
St. Claire A.1219 (Beaufort shape)
St. George A.1273
Star of Eden A.1078 (Plain shape)
Surrey Posie A.945
Tiverton Turquoise A.1233 (Plain shape)
Touraine Green A.1239 (Burford shape)
Traditional Imari 2451
Vermillion (red) Mikado
Versailles Marone A.1234 (Plain shape)
Vine & Posie A.929 (Vine shape)
Vine A.775 (gold - floral centre)(Vine shape)
Vine A.775 (gold - plain centre)(Vine shape)
Vine A.810 (floral centre)(Vine shape)
Vine A.810 (plain centre)(Vine shape)
Vine Cobalt A.810 (floral centre)(Vine shape)
Vine Cobalt A.810 (plain centre)(Vine shape)
Wedway A.814 (Burford shape)
Wentworth A.963 (Burford shape)
White A.50 (Surrey shape)
Wilmot (blue)
Wilmot (green)
Wilmot (rust)
Windsor A.1012 (Burford shape)

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