Extensive Inventory of Discontinued  English Dinnerware Patterns  Western Canada's Largest Registry

Extensive Inventory of Discontinued
English Dinnerware Patterns
Western Canada's Largest Registry


Beginning as Thomas C. Wilde & Co., Albert Works in 1894 in Longton, Staffordshire, the firm continued as Thomas C. Wilde & Sons (Ltd.) from 1917, and marks from approximately 1905 to 1927 included the words “Royal Albert Crown China.” Royal Albert china is currently produced by Royal Doulton. Some of most popular current and discontinued Royal Albert patterns are Royal Albert 25th Anniversary, Royal Albert American Beauty Rose, Royal Albert Blossom Time, Royal Albert Brigadoon, Royal Albert Capri, Royal Albert Centennial Rose, Royal Albert Devonshire Lace, Royal Albert White Dogwood, Royal Albert Forget Me Not, Royal Albert Gaiety, Royal Albert Haworth, Royal Albert Hazy Dawn, Royal Albert Heirloom, Royal Albert Highland Thistle, Royal Albert Ivy lea, Royal Albert Jubilee Rose, Royal Albert Kentish Rockery, Royal Albert Lady Clare, Royal Albert Lady Hamilton, Royal Albert Laurentian Snowdrop, Royal Albert Lavender Rose, Royal Albert Lenora, Royal Albert Lovelace.

Choose one of the following pattern names:

25th Anniversary
4250 (similar to Heirloom)
4465 (like Heirloom and Derby except with browns and greens)
4534 (Crown China)(similar to Heirloom)
Adelphi (yellow) - see Festival Series
Albany Green
Alberta Rose (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
Alberta Rose (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Alberta Wild Rose
American Beauty Rose
Ancestral Series (Emerald Isle, England's Glory, Road to the Isles)(Gainsborough and Montrose shapes)
Anemone (Royal Albert)
Anne - see Dainty Dina Series
Apollo (mauve) - see Festival Series
Apple Blossom (pink) - see Blossom Time Series
Aristocrat (Royal Albert)
Autumn Roses (RA)
Autumn Sunlight - see For All Seasons Series
Berkeley (RA)
Betty - see Dainty Dina Series
Black Watch - see Scottish Tartan Series
Blossom Time (RA)
Blossom Time Series (different bodies)(Apple Blossom, Hawthorne Laburnum, Lilac, Orange Blossom, Wisteria)
Blue Blossom
Blue Heaven
Blue Jay - see Woodland Series
Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomon - see Traditional British Song Series
Bouquet (Royal Albert)
Braemar (RA)
Breath of Spring - see For All Seasons Series
British Columbia - Dogwood (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
British Columbia - Dogwood (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Burlington (Royal Albert)
Canadian Provincial Flowers Series - see Provinces
Canterbury (maroon)(Royal Albert)
Capri (RA)
Carnation - see Friendship Series
Caroline (Royal Albert)
Catherine (red) - see Empress Series
Celebration (RA)
Centennial Rose (RA)
Chantilly (silver)(Royal Albert)
Chelsea Bird (turquoise)
China Garden (New Romance)
Christmas Magic (on Old Country Roses)
Chrysanthemum - see Friendship Series
Clarence - see Paragon Clarence
Clematis (Crown China)
Cleopatra (green) - see Empress Series
Colleen (RA)
Concerto (RA)
Coronet (RA)
Cosmos - see Friendship Series
Cottage Garden (Royal Albert)
Country Fayre Series (Devon, Dorset, Kent, Somerset, Surrey or Sussex)(Gainsborough and Montrose shapes)
Country Lane (Paragon Collection) - see also Paragon
Country Life Series (Harvest Poppy, Honey Lane, Ivy Glade, Meadow Field, Spring Wood or Sweet Brier)
Court (Crown China)
Covent Garden Fruit Series (Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Damsons, Grapefruit, Grapes, Gooseberries, Lemons, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Plums)
Daffodil - see Friendship Series
Dainty Dina Series (Anne, Betty, Emily, Jennie, Mary, Prudence)(comes in Shelley and Malvern shapes)
Daybreak - see For All Seasons Series
Derby - see Heirloom
Devon - see Country Fayre Series
Devon - see Random Harvest Series
Devon 3961
Devonshire Lace
Dimity Rose (RA)
Dogwood - see White Dogwood
Dogwood (Provincial Flowers)(white background)
Dorothy (Crown China)
Dorset - see Country Fayre Series
Dorset - see Random Harvest Series
Dove - Rosedale series
Dress Circle
Emerald Isle - see Ancestral Series
Emily - Dainty Dina Series
Empress Series (Catherine, Cleopatra, Isabella, Josephine)
England's Glory - see Ancestral Series
English Beauty
Evesham (RA)
Festival Series (Adelphi, Apollo, Haymarket, Lyric, Seville, Shaftesbury)
Flower of the Month Series (1930's - smooth shape)
Flower of the Month Series (1940's - handpainted, with bows and ribbons - Countess shape)
Flower of the Month Series (1940's - handpainted, without bows and ribbons - Gainsborough shape)
Flower of the Month Series (1940's - handpainted, without bows and ribbons - Older Hampton shape)
Flower of the Month Series (1970's - Montrose shape)
Flower of the Month Series (1970's - New Hampton or Avon shape)
For All Seasons Series (Autumn Sunlight, Breath of Spring, Daybreak, Hazy Dawn, Moonglow, Morning Flower, Parkland or Summer Glade)
Forget Me Not (Royal Albert)
Forget Me Not border (yellow centre)
Forget-Me-Not Rose
Fragrance (Royal Albert)
Friendship Series (Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Daffodil, Gladiolus, Hawthorn, Larkspur, Morning Glory, Narcissus, Primrose, Sweet Pea, Wild Rose)
Fringed Gentian
Gaeity (Crown China)
Gladiolus - see Friendship Series
Gossamer (green)
Greenwood Tree (gold trim)
Greenwood Tree (green trim)
Harvest Bouquet
Harvest Poppy - see Country Life Series
Hawthorn - see Friendship Series
Hawthorne (peach) - see Blossom Time Series
Haymarket (turquoise) - see Festival Series
Hazy Dawn - see For All Seasons Series
Heirloom (aka Derby) - see also 4534
Hidden Valley (New Romance)
Highland Thistle (newer)
Highland Thistle (older)
Holly No. 12 - see Flower of the Month Series 1940 with ribbons and bows
Holly No. 12 - see Flower of the Month Series 1940 without ribbons and bows
Honey Lane - see Country Life Series
Isabella (blue) - see Empress Series
Ivy Glade - see Country Life Series
Ivy Lea
Jack in the Pulpit
Jennie - see Dainty Dina Series
John Peel - see Traditional British Song Series
Josephine (turquoise) - see Empress Series
Jubilee Rose
Kent - see Country Fayre Series
Kent - see Random Harvest Series
Kentish Rockery
Kings Ransom
Laburnum (yellow) - see Blossom Time Series
Lady Carlyle
Lady Clare
Lady Gay
Lady Hamilton (Royal Albert)
Land of Hope - see Traditional British Song Series
Larkspur - see Friendship Series
Laurentian Snowdrop (green)
Laurentian Snowdrop 2504 (pink)
Lavender Rose
Lilac (mauve) - see Blossom Time Series
Londonderry Air - see Traditional British Song Series
Lorraine (Royal Albert)
Lyric (pink) - see Festival Series
MacDonald - see Scottish Tartan Series
Manitoba - Prairie Crocus (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
Manitoba - Prairie Crocus (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Mary - see Dainty Dina Series
Masquerade (black exterior, silver trim)
Masquerade (pink exterior, gold trim)
Masquerade (white exterior, gold trim)
Masquerade (white, no trim)
Masquerade (white, no trim, black saucer and handle)
Meadow Field - see Country Life Series
Memory Lane
Men of Harlech - see Traditional British Song Series
Mikado (Royal Albert)(blue)
Mikado (Royal Albert)(pink)
Milton (Sonnet Series)
Minuet (RA)
Moonglow - see For All Seasons Series
Moonlight Rose
Morning Flower - see For All Seasons Series
Morning Glory - see Friendship Series
Moss Rose (fluted edge)
Moss Rose (smooth edge)
Mother's Day (like older Old English Rose)
N.W.T. - Mountain Avens (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
N.W.T. - Mountain Avens (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Narcissus - see Friendship Series
New Brunswick - Purple Violet (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
New Brunswick - Purple Violet (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older blackground)
New Romance - see China Garden, Hidden Valley, Songbird, Spring Dawn, Spring Morning, Summer Breeze)
Newfoundland - Pitcher Plant (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
Newfoundland - Pitcher Plant (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black blackground)
Nocturne (chintz on deep purple background)
Nocturne (Harmony Series)
Nova Scotia - Mayflower (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
Nova Scotia - Mayflower (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Old Country Roses
Old English Rose (newer - less gold)
Old English Rose (older - more gold) - see also Mother's Day
Old Mill (The)
Ontario - Trillium (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
Ontario - Trillium (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Orange Blossom (Blossom Time Series - white)
Our Emblems Dear
P.E.I. - Lady's Slipper (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
P.E.I. - Lady's Slipper (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Pacific Dogwood
Pansy (all over pattern)
Pansy (panel)
Parkland - see For All Seasons Series
Patricia - see Sweetheart Roses Series
Peach Rose (RA)
Petit Point
Poppy (August) - see Flowers of the Month 1998 Series
Prairie Rose (Royal Albert)
Primrose - see Friendship Series
Primrose - see Springtime Series
Prudence - see Dainty Dina Series
Prudence (blue)
Prudence (pink)
Quebec - White Lily (Madonna)(Canadian Provincial Flowers) (newer white background)
Quebec - White Lily (Madonna)(Canadian Provincial Flowers) (older black background)
Queen's Messenger
Rainbow (6 colours; 4 shapes)
Random Harvest Series (See Devon, Dorset, Kent, Somerset, Surrey or Sussex)
Rendez Vous
Road to the Isles - see Ancestral Series
Road to the Isles - see Traditional British Song Series
Rosalie (old/violet flowers)
Rosalie (pink roses, Shelley like shape)
Rosalie (yellow, blue, violet/Hampton shape)
Royal Stewart - see Scottish Tartan Series
Royal Stewart (Scottish Tartan Series)
Saskatchewan - Prairie Lily (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
Saskatchewan - Prairie Lily (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black background)
Saville (sea foam) - see Festival Series
September Song
Serena (Avon pointed handle cup & saucer shape)
Serena (Avon rounded handle cup & saucer shape)
Serena (Countess cup & saucer shape)
Serena (Malvern cup & saucer shape)
Serena (RA)(Hampton shape)
Shaftesbury (yellow w. blue and pink) - see Festival Series
Shamrock (gold edge)
Shamrock (green edge)
Silver Birch
Silver Maple
Somerset - see Country Fayre Series
Somerset - see Random Harvest Series
Songbird (New Romance)
Spring Dawn (New Romance)
Spring Morning (New Romance)
Spring Wood - see Country Life Series
Summer Breeze (New Romance)
Summer Glade - see For All Seasons Series
Summer Glory (RA)
Surrey - see Country Fayre Series
Surrey - see Random Harvest Series
Sussex - see Country Fayre Series
Sussex - see Random Harvest Series
Sweet Brier - see Country Life Series
Sweet Pea - see Friendship Series
Sweet Romance
Sweet Violet (older pattern)
Sweet Violets (newer pattern)
Tea Rose - see Yellow Tea Rose
Tiara (RA)
Traditional British Song Series
Traditional British Song Series (Bonnie Banks, John Peel, Land of Hope, Londonderry Air, Men of Harlech or Road to the Isles)
Tranquility (Royal Albert)
Val D'Or
Valentia (Crown China)
Veronica - see Sheraton Series
Vintage Series (pale green)
Violets - see Treasure Chest Series
Violets for Love
Wembly (Crown China)
White Dogwood
Wild Geranium
Wild Rose - see Friendship Series
Wild Rose (Crown China)
Willow (blue)
Winsome (newer version)
Winsome (older version)
Wisteria (blue and pink) - see Blossom Time Series
With Love
Yellow Tea Rose
Yukon - Fireweed (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(newer white background)
Yukon - Fireweed (Canadian Provincial Flowers)(older black blackground)
Yuletide (Hampton with no poinsettia)
Yuletide (Montrose with poinsettia)

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