Extensive Inventory of Discontinued  English Dinnerware Patterns  Western Canada's Largest Registry

Extensive Inventory of Discontinued
English Dinnerware Patterns
Western Canada's Largest Registry


Originally established in 1883, the Johnson Bros. (Hanley) Ltd. Factory originally produced earthenware and ironstone. Popular current and discontinued Johnson Brothers patterns include Blue Nordic, Hearts & Flowers, Athena, Rose Chintz (made in both pink and blue), Coaching Scenes, Indies, Old English Countryside and Old Britain Castles (all made in many colours), Fruit Sampler, Friendly Village, Barnyard King, His Majesty and Jamestown.

Choose one of the following pattern names:

Ashbourne (Johnson Brothers)
Athena - a body shape, not a pattern name
Athena (white)(Johnson Brothers)
Aurora (Johnson Brothers)
Autumn Mist
Autumn's Delight
Azalea (windsor ware)
Blue Ice
Blue Indies - see Indies (blue)
Blue Nordic (J. Bros)
Blue Willow (Johnson Bros.)
British Illustrated
Cherry Thieves
Chintz (on Victorian shape)
Collage - Table Plus
Cotswold (blue)(Johnson Brothers)
Cotswold (brown)(Johnson Brothers)
Cotswold (pink)(Johnson Brothers)
Denmark (JB - blue)
Duchess (Pareek body shape)
Early Dawn
English Chippendale (pink/red)
Eternal Beau
Flair (JB)
Fresh Fruit
Friendly Village
Fruit Sampler (casual - newer)
Fruit Sampler (earthenware - newer)
Fruit Sampler (earthenware - older)
Game Birds
Garden Bouquet (windsor ware)
Greydawn (blue)
Harvest Time
Hearts and Flowers
Heritage (white)(Johnson Brothers)
Hopscotch Blue
Hopscotch Red
Hyde Park Blue (Johnson Bros.)
Indian Tree (Johnson Brothers - cream background)
Indian Tree (Johnson Brothers - white background)
Indies (blue)
Jamestown (blue/white)
Jamestown (brown/cream)
Kensington (JB)
London (aka London White)
Lugano (JB)
Madison (pink)(octagonal)
Margaret Rose (Johnson Brothers)
Meadowsweet (Johnson Bros.)
Melody (JB)
Merry Christmas
Misty Rose
Morning Dew (Johnson Brothers)
Nicole (Johnson Bros)
Old Britain Castles (multicoloured)
Old Britain Castles (pink)
Old Chelsea -a body shape, not a pattern
Old English - a body shape
Old English (plain white on Old English body)
Old Mill (blue)
Old Mill (multicoloured)
Olde English Countryside (blue)
Olde English Countryside (brown/multicoloured)
Orchard (embossed shoulder, coloured trim, fruit center)
Orchard (Old Granite - fruits)
Orchard (Victorian - pink, yellow flowers)
Orchid Splendor
Oriental Garden (Laura Ashley)
Pareek - a body shape, not a pattern
Park Lane (Johnson Brothers)
Pastorale - Toile de Jouy (brown/multicoloured)
Petite Fleur Blue - Laura Ashley
Petite Fleur Burgundy - Laura Ashley
Pomona (JB)
Queen's Bouquet
Regency White & Gold (on Snowhite Regency body)
Regency White (on Snowhite Regency body)
Richmond Hill
Road Home
Romance (pareek body)
Romance (snowwhite body)
Rose Chintz (blue)
Rose Chintz (pink)
Royal Marigold
Snowhite - a plain edged body shape, not a pattern
Snowhite Regency - a fluted edge body shape
Spring Impressions
Spring Morning
Spring Song
Strawberry Fair (JB - blue)
Strawberry Fair (JB - pink)
Sugar & Spice (blue)
Sugar & Spice (brown)
Summer Chintz
Summerfields (Johnson Brothers)
Sun Up
Sweet Briar
Tulip Time (blue on blue)
Tulip Time (blue/white)
Victorian - a body shape, not a pattern name
Victorian - no name gold and cream pattern
Wild Turkey (bird and flower border)
Wild Turkey (fruit and flower border)
Willow (JB)
Windsor Fruit

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