Extensive Inventory of Discontinued  English Dinnerware Patterns  Western Canada's Largest Registry

Extensive Inventory of Discontinued
English Dinnerware Patterns
Western Canada's Largest Registry


John Aynsley established the first factory in 1775 in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England. In 1861, his grandson, John Aynsley (1823-1907) established a fine bone china factory (Portland Works) in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. After 1891 the 'England' was added to the Aynsley mark. Renowned discontinued Aynsley patterns include Aynsley 7650, Aynsley 8137, Aynsley Bramble Time, Aynsley Cottage Garden, Aynsley Georgian Cobalt, Aynsley Denver, Aynsley Durham, Aynsley Elizabeth 7947, Aynsley Golden Crocus, Spring Crocus, Aynsley Snow Crocus, Aynsley Famille Rose, Aynsley Hatfield 7024, Aynsley Kenmore 8269, Aynsley Leighton, Aynsley Mayfair 8127, Aynsley Oak Leaf 8166, Aynsley Onyx Green, Aynsley Orchard Gold, Aynsley Pembroke, Aynsley Primula, Aynsley Rutland 8013, Aynsley Valencia 8364, Aynsley Wayside, Aynsley Wendover, Aynsley Wild Tudor, Aynsley Wild Violets and Aynsley Winchester 4280.

Choose one of the following pattern names:

7348 (Georgian Cobalt)
7650 (cobalt/cream/white w. gold trim)
8013 (Nile green) - see Rutland
8137 (maroon)
Ambassador (Aynsley)
Anniversary (Aynsley)
Argosy (Aynsley)
Aristocrat (cobalt)(Aynsley)
Ashbourne (Aynsley)
Aynsley Spray
Bali (Aynsley)
Balmoral (Aynsley)
Bird of Paradise (Aynsley)
Black Royale - see Imperial Onyx
Blue Garland
Blue Mist
Blue Orient
Bramble Time
Cambridge (turquoise on cream and white)
Cambridge 7818 (cream and white)
Champagne (Aynsley)
Chelsea Flowers Blue
Chelsea Flowers Peach
Chelsea Flowers Pink
Chelsea Flowers Yellow
Chelsea Gold
Claridge (cobalt blue)
Claridge (green)
Cobalt Royale
Concerto (Aynsley)
Corona Gold
Corona Platinum
Cottage Garden (Aynsley)
Crocus - see Golden, Snow or Spring Crocus
Delphine (blue and white)
Delphine (newer - blue and white)
Delphine 8372 (pink and blue)
Delphine 8372 (turquoise and beige)
Denver 8420 (scalloped edge)
Denver 8420 (smooth edge)
Desborough (cobalt)
Desborough (green)
Desborough (maroon)
Devon (cobalt)
Devon (green)
Devon (maroon)
Devonshire (Aynsley)
Dogwood 8040 (Aynsley)
Dorchester 7499 (green)
Dorchester 7499 (maroon)
Durham (green/scalloped edge)
Durham 1646 (cobalt/scalloped edge) - see Leighton
Durham 1646 (maroon/scalloped edge)
Durham 1646 (maroon/smooth edge)
Elizabeth 7947 (smooth edge)
Elizabeth 7976 (scalloped edge)
Embassy (Aynsley)
Empress 8510
Empress Cobalt
Empress Cobalt and Platinum
Empress Laurel
Empress White and Gold
Empress White and Platinum
Eskdale 7333 (cobalt with floral centre)
Famille Rose
Fleurette (Aynsley)
Forget-Me-Not (Aynsley)
Gaiety 8174
Garden Gate
Georgian Cobalt - see 7348
Glenwood Nile 1170 (sage green and cream)
Golden Crocus
Golden Dowery
Green Onyx - see Onyx Green
Grotto Rose 185
Hatfield 7024 (maroon)
Henley (smooth/gold trim-blue or green backstamp)
Hensley (smooth/no trim)
Hensley 7779 (scalloped/not enamelled)
Hensley C1129 (scalloped/enamelled)
Heritage (Aynsley)
Highfield 172
Imari 5500 (like RCD Imari 2451)
Imperial Gold 194
Imperial Onyx
Indian Tree 1173 (fluted/gold edge/filled in key)
Indian Tree 1173 (fluted/gold edge/open key)
Jubilee Black
Jubilee Cobalt
Jubilee Gold
Jubilee Laurel
Just Orchids
Kenmore 8269 (blue/plain edge)(no red dots)
Kenmore 8269 (blue/plain edge)(red dots)
Kenmore 8269 (blue/scalloped edge)(no red dots)
Kenmore 8269 (blue/scalloped edge)(red dots)
Kenmore 8269 (green/plain edge)(no red dots)
Kenmore 8269 (green/plain edge)(red dots)
Kenmore 8269 (green/scalloped edge)(no red dots)
Kenmore 8269 (green/scalloped edge)(red dots)
Kent 8170
Legend Black
Leighton (cobalt) aka Durham (cobalt)
Little Sweetheart
Louis XV 8328 (fluted edge)
Louis XV 8328 (plain edge)
Madrigal Blue
Madrigal Terracotta
Marlborough Cobalt
Marlborough Ivory
Maroon Royale (aka Marone Royale)
Mayfair 8127 (Aynsley)
Meridian Blue
Meridian Green
Midnight (black)
Mikado (Aynsley)
Oak Leaf 8166 (silver trim)
Onyx Green
Orchard Gold
Orient (Aynsley)
Papillon Blue
Pastiche Ivory
Pembroke (newer version, gold trim)
Pembroke 5683 (lustre trim)
Pembroke Blue
Portland White
Primula (Aynsley)(blue and pink)
Primula (Aynsley)(pink and yellow)
Princelea 8197
Regent 7098 (cobalt)
Regent 7098 (gold)
Regent 7098 (green)
Regent 7098 (maroon)
Regent 7098 (silver)
Romance (gold)
Rose Thistle & Shamrock C1149
Royale - see Black, Cobalt or Maroon Royale
Rutland 8013 (Nile green)
Sandringham (Aynsley)
Sheraton (Aynsley)
Sherwood 8163 (nile green)
Silver Shadow
Snow Crocus
Somerset (Aynsley)
South Pacific (Black)
South Pacific (Grey)
South Pacific (Red)
Spring Crocus
Tatton Hall
Trafalgar 177 Ivory
Twilight (Aynsley)
Valencia 8364 (Aynsley)
Warwick (blue)
Warwick (green)
Warwick (maroon)
Wendover B4031 (cobalt)
Wendover B4031 (green)
Wendover B4031 (maroon)
Whisper Gold
Whisper White
Whitmore 8188
Wild Tudor
Wild Violets
Winchester 4280 (white/cream/gold)
Windsor (cobalt)(A)
Windsor (maroon)(A)
York White

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